Everlasting Torch High Tech Gadget

Ever thought that it would be impossible to carry a high tech gadget in your wallet ?. Think Again, this cool gadget is the size of a credit card. This micro torch produces a focused beam of white light. That's not it, you don't need to change batteries, because there are no batteries at all. Not amazed yet?, well, you don't have to worry about any bulbs blowing, as there are no bulbs either, the light is produced by white light emitting diodes. really cool to make a gift for those gadget addicts. Great gadget toy when you are trying to find things in very narrow places.

Weight: 40 grams
Dimensions: 8.5x5.5 cm
Material: stainless steel
Delivering only to North America, UK and Europe.

This new cool high tech gadget can be found at Need a Present for 14.99 US$

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Humping Dog USB Gadget

Since it was released on this site, I think the humping dog usb gadget became world famous, in february you couldn't find it anywhere, now if you take a look at ebay, you will find a huge color variety of humping dog usb gadgets, amazing, but still very original.
Available at ebay for US$ 14.95

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Heating Slippers USB Gadget

We've seen many times heating gloves, but never heating slippers. But this is over with the USB Gadget that Brando brings us. A pair of USB Gadget heating sleepers willkeep your feet warm while you work with your computer in a chilled day. It has a cozy design as well. It keeps the etemperature at 33 degrees after heating. Now this usb gadget allows you to stay confortable and warm at home without needing to wear some heavy shoes.


  • Cozy Design
  • De frosts your feets
  • Weight: 265 grams
  • Size: 34x33 cm
  • Plug and Play

USB Gadget Pictures

The heating slippers are available at brando for US$22.

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USB Gadget - Speed Typing Mouse

Just in case you have nothing to do in your office or computer, you are alone and looking for something challenging, this USB Gadget will help you, at least for a few minutes.
The USB Gadget Speed Typing Mouse will test your typing ability, and at the same time you will have a little fun. The faster you type the faster the mouse pedals.
It has an LCD display that allows you to see how many words you are actually typing.
This cool USB Gadget it's perfect for those who think are the fastest typers in the world.

Package elements
  • A mouse on a treadmill with a LCD Display
  • Software CD
  • User Manual
  • H 140mm
  • L 120mm
  • W 60mm
This cool USB Gadget is available at Drink Stuff for £19.99

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USB Gadget - Mini Fridge

For all of those who are just tired of having a can of drink getting warm whyle we stay in our work station, far away from the fridge, Brando brings us this USB Gadget, The Mini Fridge, which can keep our beverage chilled in case we are just working too hard (or playing too hard) and cannot drink it quickly. It even has a door making it look like a real tiny fridge and avoiding your drink from raising its temperature. It has the exact size to hold 1 standard size can. Finally, to make this USB Gadget look really nice, there is a purple led light inside the fridge, so can you can find it even if you are in a dark room playing your favourite computer game.
If you have a laptop, you can carry this USB Gadget everywhere, and stay cool in a summer day.

  • Weight: 362 grams
  • Dimensions: 19.4x9x9cm
  • USB powered
  • No batteries required (because its USB powered :)
  • Holds one standard size can
  • Keeps Temperature steady at 8.5 degrees
Package elements
  • 1 usb gadget Mini Fridge
  • 1 user guide
USB Gadget Pics

Available at Brando for US$ 33 - USB GAdget Mini Fridge

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